Forgiveness and First Impressions

January 16, 2017

This wasn’t at all what I was planning on writing about today, but it’s something I really need to talk about so I decided to talk about it today.  There are a lot of things going on in my mind right now, but I told myself I’m not going to overwhelm you by talking about a whole bunch of things at once so I’m going to start with the most important.

          Think about meeting someone for the first time.  What’s the first thing you notice about the person you’re meeting?  Most people would say hair color, whether the person is short or tall, and the kind of voice they speak in, things like that.  And typically those are the things I notice too.  But I am a person of detail, and I take in everything I possibly can about the person I’m meeting.  Sometimes I can even tell how much I’m going to like them just by the way they act around me.  It’s all about the details.

          I once met someone, and from the moment we locked eyes, I knew nothing would ever be the same after I met them.  And I was right.  Not too long ago I met someone, and I loathed them from the second they spoke.  But then there’s a plot twist.  As I get to know them, the loathing starts to fade.  Some would even say I was beginning to grow fond of them.  As the fondness grew, I found myself wondering if I had made a mistake in my first impressions of them.

          And then the warnings came.  I could never understand how what they were saying could be right. I mean, I thought I knew this person pretty well.  But obviously not well enough.  Now let me tell you, every person on earth is human, and humans make mistakes.  Sometimes big mistakes.  And some of them deserve to be forgiven, some do not.  If you’ve done something terrible and recognize that you’ve made a mistake, you should be forgiven.  Correct?  Well what if you make a mistake and DON’T recognize it as a mistake?  Do you still deserve to be forgiven by your peers?

          Many would say yes, God wants you to forgive everyone, right?   But forgiveness is a tricky thing.  If someone makes a mistake and knows that they’ll automatically be forgiven every time, what’s to stop them from making the mistake again? Someday you have to learn.  And that’s where consequences come in.  Consequences are a part of life, and everything we do comes with a consequence.  Sometimes the consequences can be small, little things.  Other times they can be a lot bigger.

          It’s hard to believe you can think you know someone so well, and then suddenly learn something about them that changes everything.  Maybe your first impressions were right after all, and maybe you should have stuck to them.  But no, you were too nice of a person for that.  So now you must decide if you are to forgive them.  Do they really deserve it?

“I lay awake all night wondering how this could all be true.  How could you do something so horribly wrong and not even recognize it?  I can’t help but wonder, was I to be your next victim?  Your next trophy to add to your collection of people you’ve ruined.  All this time I’ve trusted you, I trusted that you were a better person than that.  And you have no shame?  You feel no guilt?  How are you even human if you sin in the face of the Father and not be on your knees begging for His forgiveness?”
-My thoughts at 2 A.M.

Never assume you know someone as well as you think you know them.

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