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January 24, 2018

Welcome back to the blog!

It feels like it’s been a really long time since I did a “normal” post.  The last post I did was for my blogiversary (so if you’re reading this and you haven’t read that one yet, make sure you check it out.  But finish reading this first).  Anyway, so this is technically my first real post of 2018 and I’m super excited for this year and all the things that are going to be happening!

Today I thought I would try something that I’ve never done before, and that is a beauty related post.  I know there are tons of beauty bloggers out there and plenty of things you can do with beauty and makeup, so if you like this post please leave a comment and let me know if you would like to see more posts like this.

So with all that being said, today I have made a list of all the makeup products that I love and use pretty much every time I put on makeup.  I would first like to point out that all of these items are under $10.  I don’t spend a lot of money on makeup, so you won’t be seeing any high end products here.  I like to find good products for lower prices, so hopefully this post will give you some inspiration of ways to get good quality makeup for good prices.

So what I’ve done is I will put in a link to amazon for all the products I mention (keep in mind that some of the prices will vary if you decide to purchase them at a different store) if you’re interested in purchasing any of them.  I will also insert pictures of what each product looks like on my face (again, this will vary for everyone).

Finally, this is not sponsored at all so all of these reviews are just my honest opinions.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream

Amazon price: $5.50
I’ve been using this product for a few years now and absolutely love it.  I don’t wear foundation because it easily clogs my pores and I never liked how heavy it felt on my face so BB cream was the perfect option for me.  This cream is light on your face so it doesn’t feel heavy on your face or clog your pores like foundation does.  
It also goes on pretty smoothly and blends into my skin easily.  I apply it just as you would foundation by putting dots all around my face and blending it with a beauty blender.  It has a fairly good coverage, although I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who uses a high coverage foundation.  It does last all day so that’s a good bonus as well.  Overall, I think it’s a very good product for the price.  The average price for a high end brand of BB cream is about $40, so if you ask me this is a much better deal.
Revelon Colorstay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quad in Brazen

Amazon price: $8.99

There are a couple of things I would like to say before I get into this review.  First, if you go to the amazon link, don’t let the picture fool you.  Those colors are nothing close to what it actually looks like (as you can see from my picture).  Second, I don’t remember paying $8.99 for mine, so if you do decide to purchase this, you will probably find it cheaper at places such as Walmart or CVS.  I just wanted to point that out.
This is probably my favorite eyeshadow palette ever.  It’s also the eyeshadow I wore to prom and it looked amazing with the shimmery colors.  But I still wear this a lot.  I especially like the goldish color at the top right and I often wear it on its own when I’m feeling lazy.  I wear it so much that I think I went through almost two of them last year (which is not normal because eyeshadow usually lasts me a long time)!
Aside from the colors and more about the overall quality of the product, I think it is made very nice.  I still have a problem with fallout (as with every other drugstore eyeshadow I’ve tried) when I apply it, but it’s not too big of a deal because it doesn’t get under my eyes when I’m wearing it.  It lasts pretty much all day which is another thing I love.  A lot of drugstore eyeshadows don’t last, but these seem to stay on really well.  I just love the colors so much!
E.l.f. 3-in-1 Mascara

Amazon price: $6
I’ve had a very long struggle with mascara.  Ever since I started wearing makeup (about 3 years ago), I used the Maybelline Great Lash Washable mascara).  I 100% do not recommend this to anyone.  It starts to clump just days after opening it, and after a few hours it starts to create dark marks under your eyes.  Not to mention it was difficult to apply without having a clumpy mess.  I didn’t try any other mascaras until I got the E.l.f. 3-in-1 mascara for this Christmas.  I had serious doubts because I’ve tried products from E.l.f. Before that weren’t great, but this mascara turned out to be amazing.  
My favorite part about this mascara is that it doesn’t leave black underneath your eyes.  I’m not exactly sure why this is, but if it does come off, it always comes off in small black flakes.  But it doesn’t happen often so I’m still very pleased with this product.  It creates a volumized look and I haven’t had a lot of trouble with clumping either.  I would highly recommend this to anyone that is looking for a good quality, affordable mascara.
Maybeline New York Eyestudio Brow Define and Fill Duo

Amazon price: $6.94
So I don’t do a lot with my eyebrows.  This is the only product I even use on them and I think it is just enough.  This pencil has two sides: a pencil side and a filler side.  However, the pencil side broke a long time ago, so I’ve just been using the filler side, and I have to say it does the job.  All I do is comb through my brows and use the filler side to fill in and add some color to my eyebrows.
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick

Amazon price: $4.92
I could go on about these lipsticks forever.  I’ve been using them since last April and I absolutely adore them.  As far as drugstore lipsticks go, these are by far my favorite.  They stay on for a long time (even after eating), which is something you don’t see a lot of with cheap lipsticks.  

They go on super well and the color really shows, even with lighter colors.   I wear these lipsticks pretty much every time I go out and I currently have 3 different ones, but I linked one of my favorite shades- 47.  They are wonderful products for the price, and I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a good lipstick for a good price.
That’s all I have for you today, so I hope you enjoyed reading!  Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite makeup products are so I can try them out! 
See you in my next post!

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