7 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit This Summer

May 22, 2018

7 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit This Summer

I am so excited to finally announce that…SUMMER. IS. HERE.  For me this means: a trip to the beach, staying up late, bonfires, the county fair, and of course the most important part, no school.  Although so far my summer hasn’t been all that exiting because all I’ve done is binge watch 13 Reasons Why Season 2…but that’s not the point.  Anyway, now that school is out I want to try to post more this summer, so keep an eye out for more new posts.

            Summer can be quite busy for some people.  Traveling, parties, festivals, and all kinds of things can fill up our summer days.  During all this it’s easy to get distracted from our healthy habits and lifestyle.  So today, I want to share a few tips that will help you stay on track during these next few months.

1.  Try some new healthy recipes

We all get bored of eating the same things all the time.  This summer, instead of getting lazy and converting to a junk food diet, try some fresh new healthy recipes.  Pinterest has a variety of easy, healthy recipes that are perfect for summer.  Try some fresh salads or cold veggie wraps for a delicious, healthy meal after a long, hot day.

2.  Change your workout routine

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of doing the same workout routine after a while.  Summer is the perfect opportunity to switch things up a bit and try some new exercises.  Or if you don’t want to change everything completely, try your current routine in a new order.  If you keep the same routine for a long time, a) well it just gets boring, and b) it makes exercising a little more interesting when you have something new to try.  Try a few different things and find what works best for you and your body!

3.  Spend  time outside

It’s summer.  The weather is finally warm, and the great outdoors are practically calling your name.  Take the opportunity to be outside and enjoy the season.  Buy some yard games such as corn hole, latter ball, or a badminton set (which you can find at stores such as Walmart or Target for pretty cheap).  Evenings are the perfect time for having a nice fire in a fire pit.  Take advantage or warm weather and don’t forget to wear sunscreen (because no one likes sunburns)!

4.  Start a new book or series

No more schoolbooks….so that means there’s plenty of time for what I like to call pleasure reading.  Summer is the perfect time to spend your days outside reading a good book.  Set a goal for how many books you hope to read this summer and finish them!  I like to get on Goodreads to check my “to-read bookshelf” and read reviews on books I’m thinking of reading.

5.  Tan naturally

The chemicals used in fake tan sprays and lotions can be harmful and toxic to your body, so avoid using them.  You can get a tan just by spending a few hours outside.  Just an hour each day can get you a little darker (30 minutes on your back or stomach, then switch sides).  But make sure you use sunscreen or else you’ll get a bit tanner than you had planned.

6.  Be active in fun ways

Exercising doesn’t always have to mean squats and lifting weights.  You can easily stay fit by doing some fun things.  Try bike riding on some trails, going on hikes, or even swimming a few laps in the pool.  These activities keep you active and are enjoyable, plus you’re having fun and it doesn’t even feel like a workout!  Grab a friend to do these things with to make it even more fun. 

7.  Drink lots of water

I know this is something you should be doing all year, but during the summer, it is especially important to stay hydrated.  Heat strokes are a real thing, but you can avoid that by drinking lots of fluids.  This summer try to stay away from sugary and energy drinks that are unhealthy and bad for your body.  Try to drink as much water as possible (I usually try to drink 64 oz. a day) and you’ll be good to go for the summer!

That’s all I have for you today!  I hope you enjoyed these tips and if you have any tips on ways to stay healthy this summer, I’d love to hear from you!

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