#HowISurvivedHighSchool Part 6: A Promising Future

June 19, 2019

Welcome back!
            Today I will be wrapping up my story on my high school experience.  In case you’re new, I’ll drop the links for the previous parts here:
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            Out of all the parts I’ve done, I think I’m most excited for this one.  I wanted to spend this last part talking about the future.  As you probably know, I’m a daydreamer and I love to dream about unrealistic scenarios most of the time.  However, I’m going to try to be a little more down to earth and not get too out of hand here.  I think it’s important to separate dreams from goals.  I believe goals are things you set in your mind to do and you continue to work towards them.  On the other hand, dreams are merely just things you wish for but for the most part are unrealistic.

            So now that we’ve differentiated the two, I’m going to start with the realistic stuff.  If you don’t know already, I plan to attend community college for two years and get my associates in business administration and from there hopefully I will transfer to a state university to get my master’s degree.  I feel that education is one of the most valuable assets you can have in life; so when I was thinking about what I wanted my future life after high school to look like I knew I wanted to put my education before anything else.

            Aside from going to college full time, I plan to keep working throughout the school year as well as continue my online profiles (blogging, YouTube.)  I have no idea what my schedule will be like come the school year, but I plan to post regularly as much as I can.  I’ve learned throughout these years that there’s no point in having a set schedule because I feel like it’s important to only put out work that you’re proud of and I just can’t be proud of something I was under time pressure.  So I’ve thrown the idea of schedules out the window and I’ll post when I make something that I’m proud of; whether that be once a week or once a month.

            Many people have asked me about my relationship status or when I’ll have a boyfriend, get married, etc.  I just tell them all that will happen in God’s timing, not mine.  Society has changed over the years and relationships seem to move so quickly these days.   People are getting married and having a family before 25 (which isn’t a bad thing don’t get me wrong), whereas I want more time to live and enjoy being young without those commitments.  So that’s where I’m at right now and I’m also in the midst of working through a lot of personal issues with myself that I have to fix before I can even allow myself to think about dating.

            I’m thankful for all the friendships I’ve formed throughout high school, with both girls and boys.  I’m fortunate to have girl friends that I know will always have my back and I theirs.  Girls that I’m able to talk about things I would never talk about with anyone else.  I’m also thankful for the friendships I’ve formed with males.  I have guy friends that are almost like brothers to me, who show me how real men are supposed to treat girls (my only confidence that the entire male population is not totally screwed.)  It’s been a blessing to get to know so many amazing people over the years and I’m excited to meet many more throughout my college years.

              People always laugh when they ask what I want my future life to look like and I answer with “well honestly I just want to do what I love, have a healthy God-honoring relationship and raise a family.  Oh and can’t forget the house with a picket fence.”  It’s the classic American dream.  Not anything fancy; I have no desire to be a millionaire or have expensive clothes and expensive cars.  I really just want a low-key life.  That’s all.  I dream about it every single day.  For right now, though, I’m content with the life I have now.  I’m enjoying my time being young for as long as I possibly can before I’m supposed to grow up and have everything together.

            As I wrap up this chapter of my life, my heart is filled with gratitude.  I’m thankful for all the memories I’ve made, people I’ve met, and experiences I’ve been able to have in high school.  Some of them are happy, fond memories; others not so much, but there’s not much I would change about any of it.  In other words, I can confidently close this portion of my life.  I’m filled with hope for my future and all the new experience I’ll be able to share with you.  I’ve never been more inspired to create and share the memories of my life and I’m forever thankful for every single person I’ve been able to reach through my writings and videos.  Thank you for everything.

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